Current Improvement Average 56%

Future Steps measures the impact of intervention by using the child-centred Goal Attainment Scale. This takes into consideration the goals such as:

"Ability to identify and discuss 3 emotions in relation to an event"

"Able to remain on task for chosen time period"

"Can complete three of letters b,j,f,m,n with correct starting point and formation"

Prior to intervention our therapists establish a child’s goals to achieve whilst in therapy, this ensures the therapists treating your child are all working together to address their underlying difficulties and concerns.

During intervention, lots activities will be used to ensure a child reaches their full potential; scooter boards, suspended equipment (hammocks, platform, and bolster swings); these are just a few examples of some of the activities the therapist will use during a treatment session. The aim of this equipment is to alter the way the body processes information, from your child’s, balance, muscle memory, tactile system, to handwriting and understanding of letters/numbers. These are only a small example of areas we will address.

Our approach is centred on sensory integration, which is the use of activities to alter the sensory and motor performance in the child. You will be able to watch your child engage in therapy and take part in sessions if you wish. We find when parents/carers take part that it adds to the success of your child. Home programmes can be provided, if this is required you will be advised.

During your time at Future Steps if you would like to discuss anything about your child’s treatment or have any areas of concern that you feel are important please ask a member of our team.

Our aim is to ensure you and your child have the best possible experience at Future Steps so anything you feel is important please let us know. We pride ourselves on helping children and families so we hope together we will ensure this occurs. We believe all children deserve the best.

Amazing service staff were excellent! Loved the fact that I could watch the assessment from outside of the room.

Paul Jones-King

Paul Jones-King

Assessment Experience