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From the very early stages in life, social skills are vital in order for your child to make friends and learn more about the world around them, consequently helping develop their confidence and increasing happiness.


Recognising the signs that indicate your child may have difficulties with their social skills isn’t always easy as it can present itself in many ways. A few examples of how these difficulties may be displayed include:

  • Difficulty making/keeping friends
  • Becoming overwhelmed in crowds/busy environments
  • Not understanding simple social cues and facial expressions
  • Fearing new social situations
  • Withdrawing from conversations with peers


A child that has difficulty in this area may have an increased probability to have had negative experiences in relation to social situations or events, often resulting in a reluctance to socialise with their peers or read social cues.


As we are passionate about treating children holistically, Future Steps are providing 12-week SCORE groups (Social, Communication, Organisation, Regulation and Engagement) for 8 to 11-year-old children with difficulties in this area. The aim of the group is to provide a positive and encouraging social experience for all the children who attend, enabling the development of the skills necessary for increased confidence in their ability to socialise and communicate effectively.


Each week a qualified Occupational Therapist will be leading sessions that are aimed to address and develop a range of social challenges. Each session is geared towards building a good understanding and ability to apply social and communication skills, in a fun and friendly environment. The sessions are adapted to the specific level of difficulty the children in the group are experiencing, enabling the therapist to organise activities that will encourage development.


Some of the key areas that these sessions will focus on include:

  • Social, communication, listening and play skills
  • Making and maintaining friendships
  • Reducing anxiety in social situations
  • Self confidence
  • Understanding of emotions within themselves and others
  • Understanding of social cues
  • Dealing with conflict (e.g. winning/losing, turn-taking)
  • Team work skills
  • Understanding of rules


The development of these skills will in turn facilitate engagement with activities that have previously induced anxiety and/or aversion. The skills that are taught during this group are essential to becoming a confident, understanding and self-aware individual, who is able to more easily access their full potential.


If you’d like to know more about this group or would like to sign your child up, please contact:

Email: hello@futurestepsconsultancy.co.uk

Tel: 01325 254688

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