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Support Group for Parents and Carers

The Parent Carer Support Group, is part of our Social Enterprise and is free of charge. Managing Director, Julie Davis, wants to ensure that Future Steps is able to provide a service for the whole family and it is through her vision that the Support Group for parents and carers came to be.


Provide a welcome space, to allow parents and carers to learn, share and support one-another, alongside the guidance of the Future Steps Team.

Monthly support group – planned in advance with topics suitable for children with sensory, motor and attachment needs

Sessions of practical understanding with simple strategies and advice

Sharing success stories between families with photographs and videos

What We Need From You

Could you commit to 12 Sessions, once a month

What are your major concerns for your child

Which one topic would be most important for you to understand?

What strategies do you think would help you and your child the most?

Would you engage in the groups Social Media page?

Upcoming Topics

31st July - Sensory Processing and Early Development

28th August - Feeding Issues

25th September - Fine Motor Challenges

Amazing service staff were excellent! Loved the fact that I could watch the assessment from outside of the room.

Paul Jones-King

Paul Jones-King

Assessment Experience