SCORE - Social Skills Groups

Social Communication Organisation Regulation Engagement

Future Steps SCORE Group is aimed at improving the quality of life for children with social and communication difficulties, whether this means making and maintaining valued friendships, communicating needs within the family unit or ability to engage with new people. The SCORE Group is a staged after school programme that has goals and aims every week. The group is based on age and children must be able to cope within mainstream school without a one-to-one for the group to be effective.

Communication and social interactions with peers and adults

Sharing skills

Turn taking skills

Listening skills

Reduce anxiousness in social situations

Working as part of a team

Cooperating with others and making friends

Showing empathy/understanding for other people’s feelings

Ability to give and follow instructions.

Verbal and non-verbal communication skills

Understanding feelings

Develop child’s level of play towards the higher, more social play levels of associative and cooperative where they take on a role within a game or/and adhere to rules within a game.

Engagement in games that involve winning and losing and coping with this in an appropriate manner

Social skills around everyday tasks such as meeting new people, paying at the shop and choosing meals at a restaurant

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Does my child have attachment issues?

Amazing service staff were excellent! Loved the fact that I could watch the assessment from outside of the room.

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Paul Jones-King

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