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Family Services

Future Steps aim to o all they can to support children accessing intervention and assessment with us. Part of that support is ensuring that families have the relevant knowledge and strategies to ensure that invertention has the biggest possible impact.

In addition to this Future Steps offer home programmes, parent/carer training and support and learning porgrammes.

Future Steps intervention has positive impacts children on an educational aspect and in their everyday life. We know that the struggles that many children have with behaviour, feeding, sleeping and toileting can have a major impact on home life, and for all the family. Our interventions are aimed at ensuring children reach their full potential, in all aspects of life including their life and home and in the wider community. To do this we work closely with the child’s family and educators to ensure that everyone feels included and supported when it comes to facilitating a child’s development.

We are so grateful to have received some excellent feedback from the parents and carers we have worked with recently. The role of the parent or carer during intervention is so important, to us it is vital that we keep them well informed and give them the support that they require. Throughout treatment, parents and carers are able to have contact with a therapist, should the need to ask any questions or have any queries on how to implement strategies at home. Don’t just take our word for it, here is Maggie Hart, from the ECCD, a parent with a child currently undergoing treatment at Future Steps Consultancy (formerly TTOTS)…






Amazing service staff were excellent! Loved the fact that I could watch the assessment from outside of the room.

Paul Jones-King

Paul Jones-King

Assessment Experience