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Future Steps Services to Education

We are able to assist educators to ensure that they have the strategies and environments needed in order to support the dvelopment of children with Attachment Difficulties, ADHD, SPD, Autism, Behavioural Difficulties and many other needs.

Future Steps aims to reach as many children possible. We constantly develop new ways to treat children whilst within the educational setting, with minimal to zero interruption to the school day. Future Steps programmes are easily integrated into the curriculum and are outcomes are in line with those required in the education setting

Future Steps has been established to provide specialist services to children in school hours. As a specialised service we understand the changes that are upon us when delivering occupational therapy. As a result we want to continue our excellent outcomes by providing alternative packages to schools and professional organisations. We are able to provide a variety of services that are individualised to your needs, developed by years of clinical experience and expertise. Programmes have been tailored to ensure the child’s educational stages are met when in the school environment. We offer intervention to children, altering their ability to function in aspects of their daily life and improve their academic performance.

Next Steps...
Contact Future Steps via lucydougas@futurestepsconsultancy.co.uk or call us on 01642 807669, we are more than happy to assist over the phone or set up a meeting with Future Steps in order to discuss how our provision can be tailored to your environment.

I would just like to say thank you for all you help and support in delivering future steps at school, especially Michelle and Lynn. I learned so much and the children were thoroughly engaged with it. I still hope to attend training courses are in the future to keep me up to date, thank you.

Dorothy Foulds

Dorothy Foulds

Corporation Road Primary School, Darlington website

Teachers and parents see the improvements in attitudes to learning and performance. we have received consistently positive outcomes and continue to seek new opportunities to develop the provision.

Andrew Farnell

Andrew Farnell

Headteacher of St John's C of E (Aided) Primary school website