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Future Steps are excited to announce that we’ll soon be holding a summer holiday handwriting group for children with difficulties in handwriting, fine motor skills and hand/eye coordination. Whether your child struggles with letter formation, pain, focus, or speed of writing. This group aims to address these difficulties and aid them with engagement, independence and confidence in their handwriting skills.

If your child struggles with their handwriting they may also display difficulties with various other fine motor activities that are a part of everyday life such as eating, dressing and tying shoe laces. This difficulty can often lead to your child feeling frustrated, having low self-esteem, experiencing pain and fatigue when writing, reluctance to complete homework and having trouble progressing onto cursive handwriting.

The importance of handwriting cannot be ignored as it supports the development of areas such as fine motor ability, hand/eye coordination, focus and creativity, all of which are enormously important to a child achieving their full potential and making their day-to-day life easier and more enjoyable.



The aim of the group is to focus and improve upon all the skills that make up handwriting, leading to outcomes such as:

  • Slow and stilted writing will become faster and more effortless
  • Increased confidence within themselves and their work
  • Improved posture
  • Reduction in pain and increased focus when writing
  • Increased motivation and engagement when it comes to handwriting and school work
  • More legible handwriting and a better understanding of how to utilise page lines and spacing
  • Improved perception which will increase their understanding of letters and numbers



Children will be put into a small group with other children of a similar ability for a twelve-session programme in a fun and encouraging environment that will be lead by one of our qualified occupational therapists. Your child’s fine motor skills ability will be recorded over the sessions to enable the therapist to tailor the activities to suit all the individual children and encourage improvement. Children who attend will also receive activities to take home, so they can continue to compliment their progress made during the sessions.

This specialised occupational therapy programme will be held at our Thornaby Clinic, Monday- Friday from 10am until 10:45am beginning on 15th August and concluding on 30th August. The price of this group is £180.

If you’d like to know more about this group or would like to sign a child up, please contact:

Tel: 01325 254688

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