DIY Sensory Items

DIY Sensory Items in minutes: Fun to make and fun to play with!

Often, when we care for children with sensory needs, it can require a little bit of thinking outside the box (and sometimes spending more than we’d like) when it comes to entertaining and incorporating learning into their day. With this in mind, Future Steps has done the boring part and put together a great list of Easy DIY Sensory Items to make at home. Please contact Future Steps by calling us on 01325 254688 or emailing for any further information.

1. ‘Feely Bag’ – Guess what’s in bag, without looking!

Take a thin, opaque bag, like a drawstring backpack, and put a few random objects inside (e.g. a pencil, marble, coin, ball of socks etc.) and ta-daah, you’ve created a DIY Sensory Game! A mixture of objects, some that are easy to identify and some which are harder, will help your child stay engaged when they succeed and also assist with their learning.


2. Balloon Squeeze Ball – Taking the stress out of stress balls

Simply fill a balloon with flour, tie a knot in the end to create a stress ball. At Future Steps we use patterned balloons, but this tutorial suggest drawing a face on the balloon for your child. Another tutorial takes this idea even further into DIY ‘Sensory Balloons’, filling balloons with items such as rice and sand for a fuller sensory experience.


3. A Safe Place – Create a sensory silent zone for your child

See how this parent created their child’s DIY ‘Safe Spot’ using a compost bin. Creating a space like this can allow a child to take time out from the world when everything gets to much, very like the ball pool we have in our clinic.


4. Sensory Jars or Bottles

Sensory jars and/or bottles are a lot like a DIY lava lamp, very soothing and calming and is an object that has the ability pacify both children and adults alike. To create a sensory bottle or jar you will first need, you guessed it, a bottle or a jar. The contents of the jar are: warm water, glitter glue, glitter and see how this parent adds their child’s favourite figurines to make it even more enticing, with their LEGO Calm Down Jar!


5. Sensory Bead Chain

You may pay around £70 for sensory bead chain from an online store, however Future Steps has sourced a great tutorial created by a mum over in the US, many parents have had great success with this tutorial and have even personalised it for their child! You’ll find the tutorial here.

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