Comments, Compliments, and Complaints

The Future Steps goals are to provide an unparalleled level of occupational therapy treatment and assesment, all within an enviroment that promotes positivity, tangible change and inclusion. The only way for us to know if we are doing this effectively is if you tell us. Feel free to make any comments, whether those are a suggestion for change or compliments on particular aspects of Future Steps. We value the thoughts and feelings of everyone we work with and their needs are at the heart of all of our decision making.


1. Comment, Compliments, or Complaints are placed in the box by clients and can be anonymous or not – it is up to you! They can also be entered in the comments box on this webpage or a form can emailed to you for completetion.

2. Three Cs registered in clinic, through Three c’s boxes, are checked on a weekly basis by Future Steps Adminstration Team. Three Cs registered online are monitored by the Marketing Team as and when they arrive.

3. Where possible Three C’s are actioned immediately, i.e. Compliments to staff members are shared in team meetings and via email, individual changes in communication methods, additional information for website, etc.

4. If it is not possible to action a Three C immediately, such as inappropriate conduct, health and safety recomendations, etcs., it is discussed at senior leadership level. A reason will be provide or a resolution will be found with an achievable time frame.

5. If the Three C is not annonymous a member of the leadership team will contact the customer personally to discuss the reason or resolution.

6. All Three Cs will be posted on Future steps website for transparency, including reasoning and resolutions

Amazing service staff were excellent! Loved the fact that I could watch the assessment from outside of the room.

Paul Jones-King

Paul Jones-King

Assessment Experience