College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference

Future Steps Occupational Therapy, Ruth Davies, attended the College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference


I have just arrived back from my first occupational therapy conference where I had the pleasure of presenting my university research project. A couple of years ago I would not believe that I would be presenting to 100 occupational therapists. Speaking in front of a large group of people makes me extremely anxious but life is boring if you do not push yourself to achieve things that you never believed you would. I spent a year completing my research and wanted to share my results and hard work. I decided to send a short summary to the conference organisers and was successfully chosen to present. I could not believe it, I was 1 of 6 who had been chosen in the student papers section.


On Tuesday I presented at the conference. I was very nervous and the first one up but once I began to discuss my research and the powerful impact occupational therapy can have I relaxed and completed the 10-minute presentation successfully (with a few laughs too). The presentation had a great response from the audience and great feedback from the organisers who want me to write a piece for the monthly journal. I am so proud of my achievement and glad that I took this opportunity to present- It wasn’t that bad after all.


Whilst at the conference I also attended other presentations and exhibitions that were all extremely interesting and of course lots of freebies! The quality of speakers at the conference was high and I have taken a lot away from this experience. I really valued having the time to increase my knowledge, skills and continue to develop professionally. I thoroughly enjoyed discussing with others what we do at Future Steps and the unique service that we provide whilst hearing about what other occupational therapist do within their services. It is a great place to meet other occupational therapists and share knowledge and expertise. The conference has reminded me of the importance of being client centred putting the child and family at the centre of everything that we do and has inspired to continue to be creative and adaptable to ensure we provide the best practice. I love increasing my knowledge and reflecting on my practice. I am very proud to be an occupational therapist!

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