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Thornaby Launch – 15th September 2017

Future Steps would like to take the time to thank everyone who attended the Thornaby Launch event on 15th September. Julie was overwhelmed by the support that we received on that special day, which means so much to her. Future Steps Thornaby has long been a vision of Julie’s and has been made possible thanks to the fantastic team at Thornaby Academy and Linda Halbert of the Teesside Learning Trust. Julie and her team are truly grateful that they have faith in us.


Anna Kennedy OBE, who unveiled our plague and officially opened Future Steps Thornaby. Anna delivered an insightful and wonderful speech on her own journey to help children with Autism, which was fantastic to hear. It appears as though Anna and Julie may have been made to meet! We are exceptionally honoured that Anna attended the event and would love to have her back! Julie donated towards Anna Kennedy’s Charity to show our support and appreciation.

All the team had a fantastic time showing our guests around the new facilities. We hope all our guests enjoyed the speeches, videos, tours and food!

Average Milestones of Gross Motor Development

Gross motor development is the development of the ability to use the large muscles in our body for everyday functions such as standing, crawling and walking. This can be seen in young children when we discuss their developmental milestones, these are a guide of where children should be at a certain age, sometimes they may… Continue Reading

College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference

Future Steps Occupational Therapy, Ruth Davies, attended the College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference   I have just arrived back from my first occupational therapy conference where I had the pleasure of presenting my university research project. A couple of years ago I would not believe that I would be presenting to 100 occupational therapists.… Continue Reading

DIY Sensory Items

DIY Sensory Items in minutes: Fun to make and fun to play with! Often, when we care for children with sensory needs, it can require a little bit of thinking outside the box (and sometimes spending more than we’d like) when it comes to entertaining and incorporating learning into their day. With this in mind,… Continue Reading

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