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College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference

Future Steps Occupational Therapy, Ruth Davies, attended the College of Occupational Therapists 40th Annual Conference   I have just arrived back from my first occupational therapy conference where I had the pleasure of presenting my university research project. A couple of years ago I would not believe that I would be presenting to 100 occupational therapists.… Continue Reading

Donation Multi-Sensory Centre

Pendragon Community Trust are aiming to create a multi-sensory centre in Northallerton. “The specialist Centre will provide a wonderful range of sensory experiences and therapeutic and developmental opportunities and support to visitors. It will also provide a haven for those clients and their families and carers who are seeking respite and relaxation and an opportunity to… Continue Reading

DIY Sensory Items

DIY Sensory Items in minutes: Fun to make and fun to play with! Often, when we care for children with sensory needs, it can require a little bit of thinking outside the box (and sometimes spending more than we’d like) when it comes to entertaining and incorporating learning into their day. With this in mind,… Continue Reading

Sensory Integration: Why Our Therapy Works

Future Steps therapists focus on the neurological theory of sensory integration. Sensory Integration is the brain’s ability to understand information collected from the seven senses: taste, touch, smell, vestibular (related to gravity and balance), hearing, proprioception (understanding the body and how to use it appropriately) and vision. The brain does this by associating the new… Continue Reading

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